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HOTPAN® Monument

The HOTPAN® Monument with ist heart-retaining bowl of concrete look makes this kitchen allrounder a stylish home accessory. 
A must-have for all (amateur) cooks, who rate good design and cleverly thought out functtionality. 
Excellent you can also use the single bowl made of concrete. You can serve in bowl buns, snacks and vegetable sticks. 
Simply choose your individual dishes, which you would like to prepare and serve. 
Thus suitable not only to keep food warm, but also a stylish bowl for many occasions:
To serve salty snacks at a party
The fashionable fruit bowl as an eye-catcher for a vitamin-rich snack to go
To serve salty food at a cocktail event
To serve buns in a stylish way at a Sunday brunch
keeps your vegetables fresh for a healthy ladies dinner
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