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Year 2006

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My main idea was to integrate three significant elements in one. I intended was to combine an elegant shape of the radiator with the duality of an easy and quick heating of the room and – at the same time - long-term air circulation even after switching off the heater. Therefore I used a set of porous tiles which hold the warm air continuously and that is why they release it slowly after switching off the radiator and so it is possible to heat even when it is not active unlike the ones that use metal which cools off quickly. The radiator comprises of an aluminium frame and a set of porous hollow tiles. It is easy to place the tiles on the individual frames of the heating body. Ceramic tiles – this natural material has a more positive impact on people than the metal by itself. There are many various versions of the tiles regarding their texture, openiengs, colour according to the trend, space. Many possibilities of radiator size – thanks to its light frame and tile module it offers a lot of arrangement options according to the given space

Grafický návrh KošnarDesign & realizace CZECHGROUP.cz